Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Becoming Mrs. Ferrie

August 24, 2014 marks one of the best, if not THE best, days of my life... the day I became Mrs. Ferrie.  I won't go into it, but the complications of immigration made it difficult for Daniel and I to plan a wedding around.  We decided that we would be married in a small ceremony and then later on this year have a wedding celebration and reception.  This way we can later invite all our family and friends who weren't able to attend in such a short amount of time.

Our wedding ceremony was absolutely perfect. It was EXACTLY what I would have wanted and I could not be happier with how it turned out!!  We invited the members of our small church to join us for the day at our friend Skeeter's cabin in Lake Tahoe.  

Sunday morning our church service was conducted at the cabin.  After church, my mom and other members of our church had prepared a delicious picnic themed lunch.  We chowed down on pulled pork, coleslaw, Caesar salad, macaroni casserole, sugar cookies and pie... tasty!

Table decorated by Shirley, Carolyn, and my mom

Mom and Pat preparing the food table!

When lunch was finished, people hung out, hiked and played music while the bride and groom got ready. Bekka did my hair and makeup, and I love how it turned out! 

My beautiful bouquet made my Carolyn!

My straight hair was turned into this masterpiece by Bekka!

Carolyn showing me my bouquet for the first time!

At five pm, the ceremony was conducted by my dad.  Although there were a few hitches, it was beautiful. Daniel looked unbelievably handsome and I wasn't nervous in the least. All the members of my family participated in the ceremony in some way. My mom played the hymns on her violin, my sister was in charge of helping with hymns, Dalton said a prayer, and Justin and Colton played a guitar solo. It was very special to me that they were all part of the day.  Afterward, we had cheesecake for our cake reception. 

Ready to get married!

The crowd!

He's mine!

Husband and wife (:

Besides my mom, wonderful members of our church (thank you Shirley and Carolyn!) did the decorations and flowers. I can't believe how beautiful everything looked.  And a very generous and talented member of our church, Lis, took our photos. All in all, I feel very blessed at the tremendous amount of support we received.  It was the BEST day.  I am so very thankful to be married to such a wonderful man.  

Love my siblings

Bekka and Joy

Photobombed! Hehe... one of my favorites!

Best friends

Love him SO much!

P.S. Sorry for an overload of pictures! I wanted to share our special day with those who weren't able to come. All the photos are done by the lovely and talented Melissa Dondero!