Monday, May 30, 2016

Creation Speaks for Itself

Some days, I am just overwhelmed by the beauty of the earth. Despite everything we humans have done to wreck it, the earth just keeps on being astounding. I see things and I just wonder, how can people not believe?? How can you see majestic waterfalls, towering mountains, giant canyons and not believe in God? The flowers, the trees, the wildlife-- they all speak to me of a wonderful Creator. A Creator who created me (and you) to be able to deeply appreciate and enjoy it. I'm so thankful for that!

We spent Saturday at Yosemite (my first time) and despite the rain and the crowds, it was still majestic!

P.S. I was so sad to get home a realize a lot of my pictures were a little fuzzy! Here are a few that turned out.

Happy Monday, friends.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Life in May

What month is it? Seriously, the other day I got confused and thought it was March. Anyhow-- lot's new here but nothing too exciting. Here's a little bit of what's new in the Ferrie home. 

1| We are moving! Oh yeah, and we don't know where yet. Daniel hates living right in the city and we have been having a lot of trouble with parking at our complex. We are looking for little places out in the country. So far we have found a few we liked a lot-- and we are waiting to find out! 

2| I've finished my second to last semester of school! Today I'm starting my first clinical rotation. I'm terrified! I've got my stack of navy blue polos, black slacks and Danskos all ready. This rotation will be 12 weeks in a skilled nursing facility. 

3| May in Northern California is typically SO hot. It's the time of the year when I begin to question how I will survive the summer. We've had a few of those days, but this year God has blessed California with some extra cold weather, rainy days, and gray skies. Not that I don't love the sun, but we sure need the rain! 

4| The evenings have been so pleasant recently that Daniel and I have been spending most of them on our tiny porch. We sit in our camping chairs, sip cold drinks, and read books/study (he's the one doing the reading and I'm the one doing the studying). 

5| Trips galore has been happening around here. Two weekends ago we headed to Southern Oregon for a church conference. It was really neat to see Oregon again! For the first time I saw Mount Shasta and I was in awe of it's beauty (I'd actually seen it as a small child but I don't remember!) Next weekend we are headed to Yosemite for another church retreat. I'm preparing myself for beauty! 

fabulous picture by my brother, Colton

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

God's Standards

The other day I overheard a conversation. I don't really know how it started but they ended up talking about marriage and kids. Then one mentioned that she wanted to have kids but not get married. She said that her mother always told her to be in a healthy relationship(s), have children, but not get married. Then they discussed how great it was that our society was beginning to favor women living together instead of marriage, as well as raising kids on your own. 

I thought this was awfully sad. I get it, I do. Marriage is hard, raising kids is hard, divorce is a mess, isn't it easier just to remain unmarried and walk away when you want to? One girl even mentioned that changing her name after her divorce was just so much work. To which I thought, as you split up a marriage, that's what you care about? 

Now, I understand that this side of the Kingdom, life will never be perfect. Kids will be a little messed up. Parents will fail. Life will be messy. Marriage will be difficult. But what the heck? Isn't that the point? God made this world imperfect so that we would long for more. BUT He also told us to try. Loving your spouse teaches you. Raising your kids teaches you. Keeping commitments when it's hard is the whole point of making a commitment.  

But our society has sadly started to replace what God says is good with imperfection. Marriage is hard? Don't get married. Tired of your spouse? Leave. Yes, life happens. We shouldn't forget to extend grace to others and ourselves. In fact, we must extend grace to others and ourselves. We need Jesus because we won't ever get it on our own. 

The point of this rambling is that God decides what is good. God's morals and standards do not change. It's not about whether we have messed up (because, we have, a lot!). We need to be careful that when the world tells us something is right that we weigh it against what God says.

The world says don't commit. God says commit and raise godly children, together. The world says follow your heart. God says follow Him. The world says you can figure it out. God says that He's got this. It can cause a lot of confusion and heartache. Whom do we follow? Won't we stick out if we do what God says? Yes! Is it worth it? Absolutely! His ways are a better way to live.