Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I love TED talks and this one by John Wooden is no exception! He talks about what made drove him as a teacher and a coach. My dad likes John Wooden a lot so I've been interested in him for a while. I'd read a book by him and was impressed by his ideas and his humility.  He seems to have been a truly great coach; he knew what was important and what wasn't. As you can see from the Pyramid of Success, Wooden knew that true success was rooted in character values that we sometimes (or often) overlook.  

"You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you."

"Talent is God-given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful."

"Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out."

"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are."

Friday, April 25, 2014

High Five

Happy Friday! I'm linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday... what are you thankful for this week?

A wonderful weekend around the word of God, learning about Deuteronomy.

Lunch dates with Daniel. He took me to his favorite Thai restaurant, where we enjoyed delicious Yellow Curry and Pad Thai... Mmmm. Take me back, please.

Beautiful flowers. The little town of Sidney has the most fan-stinking-tabulous flowers ever. I wanted to take a picture of every tulip. But I restrained.

My family. Even though they are far away right now, I think about them so much. It's ever so hard to be away from your family.

Easter candy. My, oh my. I love my Maple Cream and Cadbury eggs. Daniel was so sweet and got me an Easter basket chock-full of goodies. Speaking of sweet... Daniel has been making me the most wonderful breakfasts and lunches. I love food. He gets me.  

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Life in Canada


Since this semester may be the only time, EVER, in my life when I am not in school/working full time I took advantage of it and am visiting Daniel.  His parents have a beautiful guest room I am staying in, on an island, which I mentioned here. Oh, and I'm still scared of going on the boat and am a giant whiny-pants about going over "big" waves. Daniel loves it. 

Life in Canada is... relaxed. That's one word for it. Or lazy. That's another word for it. Daniel injured his hand (ok, almost cut off his fingers with a table saw) and isn't able to work until the beginning of May, so life is like one giant, lazy party.  Honestly, I feel so lucky because I don't know anyone else who would get to spend so much time with their fiance. We get to do basically everything together and it's been really neat. 

For the first while I was here, we worked almost non-stop on our fiance visa. It's a complicated process but basically we apply for a visa that allows Daniel to come to the states so we can get married. From there, he can apply for his greencard! It requires a ton of work but I think it was really good for us. It was stressful, but it showed that we can work together well! Anyway, that's all sent off now so we are breathing a giant sigh of relief. We are praying that it will go through smoothly.

Other than that, I've been running, doing yoga and Zumba, and getting lots of sleep. I read lots and help Daniel with his hand therapy.  We get to do Bible study together, too, and have been listening to some great classes on Abraham and Sarah. We also attended a church retreat last weekend and the classes were super uplifting. Overall, it's been amazing and I am so thankful for this great break from school. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Words Can't Express

We're getting married!!!

Daniel and I got engaged on March 7, 2014! Words cannot express how thankful I am for this man. Daniel inspires me with his love for God. He makes me want to be better and encourages me in my faith.  I love to do Bible study with him because he is so enthusiastic about the Bible. Daniel is unfailingly patient with me. Through fights, stress and frustration, he remains calm and, in turn, that calms me down. When I feel badly with a headache (which is a lot), he takes care of me and lets me pout (sometimes :-). Oh yeah, and Daniel is honestly so good at all the "love languages" that he puts me, the self-professed love-language-expert, to shame. I could go on and on but it comes down to this: I am so happy to be marrying him!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I was very saddened last weekend at the passing away of my dear sister in Christ, Marie.  Ever since we moved to California in 1997, Marie has been at church every Sunday. She was there early to unlock and heat our rented hall. She was always friendly and always made sure to give you a hug. Until last year, Marie appeared to be relatively healthy and strong until she had a series of problems... shingles, a broken elbow, and then a broken hip. They all had their effect on her and she was admitted to a nursing facility after having hip surgery. 

But the main thing I know about Marie is her faithfulness.She would get really down about being sick, but she would constantly remind herself of her hope for the future. She kept her faith even when it was hard. When I went to visit her, she loved doing the Bible readings and she had very insightful comments. There are many things that I don't know about Marie's life, but I am thankful for the time I spent with her in the nursing facility because I got to know her a lot better there.  Her faith in the bad times encouraged me a lot. And in the end, that's what really matters. Faith when it's hard. Marie was truly a wonderful woman and I can't wait to see her again in the Kingdom of God!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Happiness Project

I have just finished reading The Happiness Project and have to say it is one of the best books I have read this year! I absolutely loved the author, Gretchen Rubin.  She reminds me a lot of myself. Unfortunately, like her, I get frustrated quite easily and tend to be very snappy with people. This is not right at all and I try very hard to change my quick reactions! It is very much a work in progress. Also like her, I feel like I am always striving to find a better way to be.  In the book, it is interesting to see the contrast between her and her husband, who is very content with life as it is.  Gretchen, on the other hand, felt the need to start a 12 month project that focuses on being happier. This might come naturally to many people, but it doesn't for me, and it doesn't for the her either.  Instead, I love the thought purposefully seeking happiness. The 12 month project is designed with an overall goal for each month-- whether it be focusing on her marriage and kids, spending more time doing things she enjoys, listening better, or going to bed early.  Over the journey, she learns to be less impatient with people (yay!), admit that she isn't good at everything, and have fun with her children.

I honestly can't tell you how much I enjoyed this book and the author (probably because I think she is a lot like me). It really inspired me to purposefully think about seeking happiness! Her website has great information and a chart you can use to make your own happiness resolutions.  

I also have The Happiness Project 5-year one sentence journal that my brother gave me and I have been keeping up with! I have never been able to keep up with a diary but I can write one or two sentences about every day! I am excited to actually be keeping a record of my life.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Sisters and Treats

The other day, my sweet sister made this lovely treat for us! It was so good I thought I'd share it on here. Thanks, Melissa!

1/2 cup sugar 
1/2 cup dark brown sugar
3 TBSP cornstarch
1/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp ground nutmeg
3 cups 2% milk
3 egg yolks
2 TBSP butter, cubed
2 tsp vanilla extract
Whipped cream and cinnamon

In a saucepan, combine the first five ingredients and stir in milk until smooth.  Cook and stir over medium heat until thick and bubbly.  Reduce heat to low and stir two minutes longer. Remove from heat.

Then, stir a small amount of the mixture into the egg yolks and return all mixture into the pan.  Bring to a slow boil, stirring constantly and then cook 2 minutes longer. Remove from heat.

Stir in butter and vanilla; cool 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Chill.

Serve with whipped cream and cinnamon.