Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Life in Canada


Since this semester may be the only time, EVER, in my life when I am not in school/working full time I took advantage of it and am visiting Daniel.  His parents have a beautiful guest room I am staying in, on an island, which I mentioned here. Oh, and I'm still scared of going on the boat and am a giant whiny-pants about going over "big" waves. Daniel loves it. 

Life in Canada is... relaxed. That's one word for it. Or lazy. That's another word for it. Daniel injured his hand (ok, almost cut off his fingers with a table saw) and isn't able to work until the beginning of May, so life is like one giant, lazy party.  Honestly, I feel so lucky because I don't know anyone else who would get to spend so much time with their fiance. We get to do basically everything together and it's been really neat. 

For the first while I was here, we worked almost non-stop on our fiance visa. It's a complicated process but basically we apply for a visa that allows Daniel to come to the states so we can get married. From there, he can apply for his greencard! It requires a ton of work but I think it was really good for us. It was stressful, but it showed that we can work together well! Anyway, that's all sent off now so we are breathing a giant sigh of relief. We are praying that it will go through smoothly.

Other than that, I've been running, doing yoga and Zumba, and getting lots of sleep. I read lots and help Daniel with his hand therapy.  We get to do Bible study together, too, and have been listening to some great classes on Abraham and Sarah. We also attended a church retreat last weekend and the classes were super uplifting. Overall, it's been amazing and I am so thankful for this great break from school. 

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