Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July Joys

First things first, how do you get rid of flies? No matter what we do and how much we clean and seal up the doors, they just keep coming? Someone please help me out here! 

July has been a BUSY month for me. I do love being busy, but there is a limit to it, ya know? I have just been going nonstop between 9 hour workdays, being sick, having a new rental home, and spending time with my hubby. In July I have learned that I need to prioritize. I just don't have time to do everything that I want. Which means that I need to prioritize the things that are truly important to me. 

BUT if I have learned anything from July, it's that I love what I do! I truly do. Yes, it's tiring to stand all day and deal with some grumpy people and somehow keep up with all my documentation. I get frustrated when it takes me longer than 8 hours to see all my patients.  My feelings get hurt when they snap at me even though I know I'm doing a good job. 

BUT it's a joy to do what you love. I love people and I love making their lives a little bit better. I see them at their worst and I can help bring them back to their best. I love the feeling when a patient takes their first steps after their stroke. I love when you see significant improvement in their strength or balance. I love when they master obstacles. It's just so rewarding to love what you do. 

Comment below with what you LOVE to do! What joys have you found in July? 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Brighten Someone's Day

Happy Friday! As a reminder to myself to do good to others, I wanted to re-share this post. I am going to start doing some of these things this week. I hope you will too!

1. Make a small gesture. Bring your spouse, friend, or coworker a treat for no reason. It could be coffee, a new plant, or really anything. 

2. Don't just text. Missing a friend? Pick up the phone, write an email, or even send them a card in the mail! 

3. Call a friend a tell them you are treating them to lunch. Now who doesn't love a free lunch??

4. Smile and say HI to everyone you see. It's not hard to do, but so few people do this! It really cheers me up when someone makes the effort.

5. Leave a message on the bathroom mirror for someone you love.

6. Surprise your spouse by doing a chore they normally do.

7. Leave notes in your spouse's/kid's lunchbox. Read a powerful story about the impact it can have on your children here.

8. Compliment someone on what an amazing job they are doing.

9. Compliment someone on how good they look.

10. Secretly make your spouse's/child's favorite dessert and bring it out after dinner.

11. Leave an overly generous tip for your server and write a "thank you" on the receipt.

12. When your mom calls, don't forget to ask about her day too. She may be your parent, but she's a person too!

13. LISTEN to what your husband/child/friend is worried about. Don't just brush it off or try to fix it, but really try to show you are interested.

14. Go visit someone in the hospital. Don't forget flowers or a card!

15. Offer up your seat to someone on the bus or in a waiting room.

16. Tell an overwhelmed mom at the grocery store that she is doing a great job!

17. Offer to take back someone's cart at the grocery store.

18. Give your spouse a foot rub and pedicure.

19. Offer to run errands for your family or friends. 

20. Invite an elderly person from church for dinner. 

21. Send flowers to someone far away (or near) for no reason!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Years are Short

Considering my deep love of this quote, I feel like I've probably already written a post about it. I didn't bother to look couldn't find it, so I figured, what the hey? I'll write another.

Don't you just feel that way? It just resonates so much with me. I wake up and feel as if I have endless hours that day. I can go to work and exercise and relax and spend time with Daniel and meet a friend at Starbucks and do lots of Bible study, right? Then I get off work at 5 and those countless hours seem a little shorter, but I still feel like I have lots of time to do what I want. Then it's 10 pm and Daniel's asking me if I'm ready for bed. Sometimes I have been so busy with meaningless activities that day, I wish so desperately to take the day back.

I can't believe it's already June and then realize that July is more than halfway done. The days are long, but the years are short. Have you done what matters today? Did you do it yesterday or the day before? Did you appreciate your spouse or your kids or your friends? Did you appreciate your health and your body and your home? Did you?

Or did you wish that your kids were a little older, you had to work a little less, you were a little skinnier and your spouse was a little more loving? Did you wish you had a bigger house, a fancier car, or designer clothes? 

I'm not sure if my message is coming across clear here, but I hope what you take away is this: don't to waste your days. These are the only days you will ever have. Fill them with what matters to you. Make them meaningful. Cling to the good. If that is family or love or friends or video games or exercise or work or play, choose that. Fill your life with those things. 

And then there's this video:

Tears. Seriously, so many tears. Hold on, my friends. I hope you will find what matters and make it count each and every day. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Dear Sensitive Soul

Do you have a sensitive soul? So do I. 

Some people misunderstand and think that just means that our feelings are easily hurt. **That's true, my feelings ARE easily hurt!** But it also means we easily hurt FOR others. 

I know how hard it is to get hurt by little things. To feel tears coming when you read a sad story on the news. To sense lonely in people and wish so desperately you could fix it. To experience something so beautiful it makes you weep. To love so much that it makes your heart ache. To FEEL other's emotions. To lose your grip on reality when someone is upset at you. 

I know it also means you probably aren't good in crowds. You often withdraw and become quiet. People interpret it to mean that you are rude. You aren't rude you just don't know how to act. 

You might have been called too sensitive or overly emotional. But I believe that sensitive energy can be harnessed for GOOD. In fact, don't you think the same things that hurt our hearts hurt our Heavenly Father? The One who designed us, who made the beauty around us, who continues to have compassion on a world that rejects Him? Who gave His Son for us? 

You should not feel embarrassed or ashamed to feel. The world needs sensitive people. Now, that doesn't mean that we should go around pouting every time our feelings get jarred. Being sensitive may be difficult in a world full of ambition and evil. Sensitive people often experience life more deeply. But being sensitive can teach us how to love others better and give more. Sensitive people tend to be more empathetic, more perceptive and more creative. 

Dear sensitive soul, you are not alone. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Things that Matter and Things that Don't

Ever feel like you make too big a deal of the little things and too small a deal of the big things? 

I had a little bit of a DUH moment the other day. I got all worked up in a tizzy because Daniel was trying to download Pokemon Go and wouldn't help me turn on the dishwasher (I know it sounds ridiculous that I needed help, but our dishwasher is very finicky and Daniel has the magic touch when it's not working). Thankfully it didn't turn into a big argument, but sometimes the stupidest things do!

Later that evening, we were driving home from a run. We were at a red light, turning left at the intersection. The light turned green and Daniel started going through. I was thinking he sure was going through slowly. Just then, a truck that was going straight the other direction flew through the red light. If Daniel had accelerated a second faster, it would have slammed right into us! Daniel and I both exclaimed what an idiot he was and kept driving. 

The sad thing, as I was reflected on the day, was I realized I had gotten more worked up about Daniel ignoring my dishwasher pleas than about the fact that the moment in time could have been our last. I started trembling thinking about it. Our angels were truly protecting us. It wasn't our time yet. It should have been a big moment, a moment of thankfulness. That night as we said our prayers, Daniel thanked our angel for protecting us in that big moment. It seemed like no big deal to us, but really it was so many little things that kept us safe. 

Sometimes we hang on to the wrong things. We hurt and we argue and we don't forgive. This a reminder, to myself more than anyone, to be thankful for the things that matter and to let go the things that don't. All those stupid little things that don't matter causing hangups in your relationships and life? Let. Them. Go. The things that DO matter-- faith, relationships, gratitude, compassion-- hang on for dear life! 

P.s. On another note, Daniel's phone is too old and won't let him download Pokemon Go. Hallelujah!