Friday, July 22, 2016

Brighten Someone's Day

Happy Friday! As a reminder to myself to do good to others, I wanted to re-share this post. I am going to start doing some of these things this week. I hope you will too!

1. Make a small gesture. Bring your spouse, friend, or coworker a treat for no reason. It could be coffee, a new plant, or really anything. 

2. Don't just text. Missing a friend? Pick up the phone, write an email, or even send them a card in the mail! 

3. Call a friend a tell them you are treating them to lunch. Now who doesn't love a free lunch??

4. Smile and say HI to everyone you see. It's not hard to do, but so few people do this! It really cheers me up when someone makes the effort.

5. Leave a message on the bathroom mirror for someone you love.

6. Surprise your spouse by doing a chore they normally do.

7. Leave notes in your spouse's/kid's lunchbox. Read a powerful story about the impact it can have on your children here.

8. Compliment someone on what an amazing job they are doing.

9. Compliment someone on how good they look.

10. Secretly make your spouse's/child's favorite dessert and bring it out after dinner.

11. Leave an overly generous tip for your server and write a "thank you" on the receipt.

12. When your mom calls, don't forget to ask about her day too. She may be your parent, but she's a person too!

13. LISTEN to what your husband/child/friend is worried about. Don't just brush it off or try to fix it, but really try to show you are interested.

14. Go visit someone in the hospital. Don't forget flowers or a card!

15. Offer up your seat to someone on the bus or in a waiting room.

16. Tell an overwhelmed mom at the grocery store that she is doing a great job!

17. Offer to take back someone's cart at the grocery store.

18. Give your spouse a foot rub and pedicure.

19. Offer to run errands for your family or friends. 

20. Invite an elderly person from church for dinner. 

21. Send flowers to someone far away (or near) for no reason!

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