Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July Joys

First things first, how do you get rid of flies? No matter what we do and how much we clean and seal up the doors, they just keep coming? Someone please help me out here! 

July has been a BUSY month for me. I do love being busy, but there is a limit to it, ya know? I have just been going nonstop between 9 hour workdays, being sick, having a new rental home, and spending time with my hubby. In July I have learned that I need to prioritize. I just don't have time to do everything that I want. Which means that I need to prioritize the things that are truly important to me. 

BUT if I have learned anything from July, it's that I love what I do! I truly do. Yes, it's tiring to stand all day and deal with some grumpy people and somehow keep up with all my documentation. I get frustrated when it takes me longer than 8 hours to see all my patients.  My feelings get hurt when they snap at me even though I know I'm doing a good job. 

BUT it's a joy to do what you love. I love people and I love making their lives a little bit better. I see them at their worst and I can help bring them back to their best. I love the feeling when a patient takes their first steps after their stroke. I love when you see significant improvement in their strength or balance. I love when they master obstacles. It's just so rewarding to love what you do. 

Comment below with what you LOVE to do! What joys have you found in July? 

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