Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Lesson of the Caterpillar

I have been absent here because I spent the last week at a church retreat with my family. We spend the week sleeping in rustic cabins, having Bible classes, and fellowshipping with other believers! Despite being hot and dirty ALL the time, I always leave feeling very renewed! 

Anyhow, one part of the week that I always enjoy is the "Sister's Tea." There is always a short devotional and this year it was on Transformation. The example of the butterfly was used to remind us of the transformation we each go through as believers. The caterpillar goes through this amazing transformation to become a butterfly. It goes from a squishy little bug to one of the most beautiful things in the Creation! That's what God can do for us if we ask Him and let Him. 

Transformation is all about going from your natural self to a more godly version of yourself. Taking God's Word and letting it change you into the person God wants. The Bible isn't there as just some really nice story to read. It's there to teach you of who God is and who He wants you to be. As humans, we often get stuck in a rut, so we need to make sure that when that happens we focus on renewing ourselves. 

It might sound a little extreme, but the Bible is of no use if it doesn't transform you. Christ's death, his life, his resurrection, do nothing for you if you don't transform. If it doesn't change you, it really has no power in your life. God's Word doesn't transform you unless you let it. God doesn't just wave and you are transformed. You must LET Him transform you. 

Isn't the lesson of the caterpillar and butterfly just so perfect?  

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  1. So true! Thanks for sharing. I need to remember this constantly and really meditate on it and let it change the way I view myself and view my relationship with God.