Friday, August 12, 2016

On My Day Off

I got a text last night saying that I didn't need to come to work today! Um, yes please! A surprise day off?? My mind started reeling with all the things I could do. I may be a little overly ambitious with the day, but I love having a day all to myself!

Here's what makes my soul happy!

//No alarm-- sleep in as long as my body needs! Hence, the reason this post is getting put up so late (-:

//Treat myself to a Starbucks... my favorite, a lime refresher.

//Do the first section of a study I've been wanting to start on "Making Prayer Powerful."

//Clean my house! Not the most exciting but I'll make it more interesting by listening to these awesome classes I've been listening to about salvation. You can find them here!

//Do a hard workout! I'm going to try this one because I've been trying to work on getting stronger. 

//Plan my blog posts for the rest of August. I am literally SO horrible about this but I really want to be more planned. My goal is to post twice a week, but often I get toward the end of the week and it's something like this... I have to write a blog post! What will I write about?! I hate writing!

//Send out two cards. I've been meaning to send cards to a bunch of people and I just keep putting it off for no good reason. Let's do this!

Okay, so I think that is about all (probably way more) that I can actually do in a day. Am I the only one who writes to do lists for enjoying a day off? I don't know, maybe. Tonight, we will be going over to my parent's house and enjoying some family time.

What do YOU do on your day off? 

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