Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What Marriage Has Given Me

It's hard to believe, but Daniel and I have been married for two years today. Our wedding day was just the most perfect day I have ever had. We had a small wedding (about 25 people) and I am so thankful that we did. I've heard so many brides express that their wedding day was horribly stressful, tiring, and overwhelming. Our small wedding was nothing of the sort-- it was peaceful and completely focused on our marriage. We both think back on it and often wish we could relive it. So.. there's something to be said for small weddings!

When I was trying to think of what to say about our second year, this is what came to mind: Marriage has transformed my life. So, I thought I would share how exactly marriage has transformed my life. 

Here's what two years of marriage has given me:

1. Knowledge that I can do tough things! 

Maybe for some it's not, but for us, marriage is hard. Daniel and I are two very different people attempting to mesh. It wasn't easy at first but thankfully it becomes easier as time goes on. We learn more about each other. We try harder. We make sacrifices. We make it work.

2. The best birthdays

I have always had wonderful birthdays surrounded by family and friends, but these past two years, Daniel has gone above and beyond to make my day special. This is extra lovely to me because he doesn't care all that much about birthdays, but he knows I do. 

3. A more adventurous spirit

Now, I would never be described as an adventurous person. But life with Daniel has pushed me outside of my comfort zone into doing things I never would have before. You might be surprised to find me taking long hikes, rock climbing, driving (occasionally) with the top off the car, camping, and kayaking.

4. A [[growing]] love like of dogs

Growing up, we never had any animals besides hamsters, fish, and birds. I was never instilled with much of a love for dogs, as my parents weren't particularly dog lovers. To be honest, I have mostly been scared/grossed out by dogs for most of my life, especially dogs that were big, off leash, or drooly. I'm not exactly dog-crazy now, but since knowing Daniel, dogs have grown on me a lot. He loves dogs. We have been doing quite a bit of dog-sitting and I've even taken my best friend's dog on runs. How's that for a change??

5. Closer to God

Marriage is from God, and it has tremendous power to bring you closer to God, if you let it. We encourage each other in our spiritual life, and we make time daily to spend time reading and praying together. We challenge each other to be better. 

6. Greater understanding and patience

I would say that it's impossible to have a (good) marriage without growing in patience and understanding. Sometimes the way Daniel thinks about things is just plain crazy, in my opinion. But that's just the way life is. 

Marriage has shown me some of the vast differences between men and women. It's taught me that my way isn't the only way. It's given me perspective into how men see things, how other people see things, and obviously, specifically, how Daniel sees things. 

7. Lots of delicious meals

Daniel cooks ALL of our meals (don't worry, I do the dishes and most of the cleaning). He is a really good cook and is always willing to cook whatever crazy meal plans I come up with. I really don't like cooking, so I feel immensely blessed that he is willing to do that for me every day. 

8. More games than I have ever played in my life

Those who know me know that I DO NOT like to play games. Yet, this handsome man somehow gets me to play game after game with him. I won't say that I am a game lover, but I do enjoy the occasional game of Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan or Cribbage. Monopoly Deal may also be growing on me, but let's keep that between us. 

9. Blown expectations [[in a good way]] 

Marriage and love is not really what I thought it was but in a lot of ways it has surpassed my expectations. I truly did not realize the power of having a partner in life. It's nothing short of wonderful. 

10. Far, FAR more love than I deserve

I'm a selfish brat and, boy, is he a good husband! Some days, most days, I really can't believe how patient he is. Yes, there are days when he isn't patient, but he is usually far more patient than I deserve. He loves me EVEN THOUGH he knows the real me, the icky me, the me who can be selfish and whiny and unkind. I am beyond thankful for this. 

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Here's to many, many more years! 

P.S. How has marriage transformed your life?

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  1. I love this! Happy two years. Marriage has brought me so so much, thanks for the reminder today!

  2. I enjoyed playing games with you two at Idyllwild! I didn't even know that you are not much of a game player. I was never a dog person either, but Naomi always loved dogs, so that's why we got Diego and I love him to bits! When you open yourself up to new things you can gain so much!

    1. Yeah, I completely agree! I find myself really enjoying things that I never thought I liked.