Monday, August 24, 2015

When Marriage is the Best

photos by Melissa Dondero

Daniel and I have been married a year today. In some ways, that year has been an eternity. In some ways it has absolutely flown by. I don't want to pretend that marriage is perfect or easy. It's certainly not. Marriage has changed us and stretched us. But today is not the day for that discussion. Today, I want to share why marriage is absolutely, without a doubt, amazing.

My Favorite Things About Being Married: 

// Having a partner

// Saying prayers together before we sleep

// Getting completely spoiled on your birthday (and I do mean completely)

// Having someone who supports you through everything

// Morning cuddles

// Afternoon cuddles

// Evening cuddles 

// Loving someone so much it makes your heart hurt

// Watching movies together before bed

// Someone to make big decisions with

// Doing Bible study together

// Someone to calm you when you have bad dreams

// Eating junk food and staying up late together

// Weekly date nights

// Someone to challenge you to grow spiritually

// Sharing drinks at Starbucks

// Taking care of each other

// Grocery shopping together

// Having someone to help with dinner and dishes

// Surprises!

// Having someone to take trips with

// Someone that you can dress up for!

// Giving each other back massages

// Sleepovers every night

// Having beautiful wedding pictures to hang up

// Casually using the phrase "my husband" in conversation

// Dreaming about the future

// Kissing

// Always having someone to say goodbye too

// Taking long walks together in the evening

// Having someone there to share your favorite activities with

// Sharing your biggest fears and them not seeming so scary anymore

// Celebrating monthiversaries

// Being as weird as can be and knowing he still loves you

// Working out together

// Sharing an email address

// Learning to put someone else first and be less selfish

// Getting breakfast in bed

// Laughing together

// Spending the rest of your life together

... and that is why marriage is so wonderful. Thanks Daniel for being the best husband I could ask for. Happy 1 year!


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah!! At first I just put "morning cuddles" and I asked Daniel if he wanted to add anything to the list... He added afternoon and evening cuddles. Haha!

  2. Aw, happy anniversary Danielle! This was so sweet! :)