Wednesday, August 12, 2015

In my free time

I feel like I'm a pretty social person; I enjoy being around people most of the time. I like to talk a lot, I like to hang out at Starbucks, I like to go to concerts, I just plain like to be around people. 

But being around people all the time can still be tiring! As much as I enjoy spending time with loved ones, I like my space too. I am LOVING having a whole month off school! Daniel doesn't get home until around 3 and I don't work until around noon every day, which means that I get the whole morning to myself! 

Here's what I've been up to in my alone time lately:

//Scrapbooking my wedding. This is sure taking a long time to do! I find myself getting a little burned out, so I typically make a few pages at a time and then take a break. I'm also trying to organize my photos from 2014. I don't feel like making a scrapbook for them, so I'm thinking of either making an album online or trying Project Life. I'm a little nervous to start it... any of you ever tried Project Life??

//Reading! Lots and lots and lots... it's so good. I must say, I've yet to find any really amazing books this summer, so let me know if you have any suggestions!

//Online photography classes! I've been wanting to take photography classes for a while, so when I saw a Groupon for this class, I decided to take the opportunity! So far, so good.

//Lots of fun new workout videos! Man, I never knew how many free, full-length workout videos there were. I've been really liking the Popsugar workouts and I've also been trying out some yoga and Pilates. Do you have any favorite workout videos? In the hot California summer, I do a lot less running and a lot more indoor workouts. You can check out my fitness playlist here.
//Last but not least, I've spent a lot of time online looking at blogs! When I'm busy with school I don't always get to read other blogs a whole lot, so I enjoy finding new blogs to read. I have also been enjoying learning makeup tips from Maskcara. I don't know much about makeup (ok, nothing), so I've enjoyed this simple tutorial.

What do you do with your "me time"?

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