Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I love birthdays. I turned 24 last week and there was none of that "I don't care about my birthday" stuff for me. Birthdays aren't just one day, they are about a week long. I think this started when I became friends with my best friend, Bekka. We make birthdays special. It's a time for parties and dinners and presents and Starbucks and fun! My sweet husband joined right in on birthday week and spoiled me so much!

As yesterday was officially the end of birthday week, I thought I'd share some of my favorite parts.

Um, decorations everywhere?? Awesome!

So much party hat goodness!

My awesome water shoes Daniel got me!

I look like a unicorn! ha

What you can't see from the pictures is how awesome my week truly was! On my actual birthday, I went to Starbucks with Bekka, had family birthday dinner and ice cream, and got some awesome presents from my family! Daniel also planned a little surprise evening with a few of my friends and we went to sushi, sang karaoke, ate ice cream, and had a sleepover. So much fun. Oh, and let's not forget my free Starbucks drink on my birthday! So far I love being 24!

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