Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Things that Matter and Things that Don't

Ever feel like you make too big a deal of the little things and too small a deal of the big things? 

I had a little bit of a DUH moment the other day. I got all worked up in a tizzy because Daniel was trying to download Pokemon Go and wouldn't help me turn on the dishwasher (I know it sounds ridiculous that I needed help, but our dishwasher is very finicky and Daniel has the magic touch when it's not working). Thankfully it didn't turn into a big argument, but sometimes the stupidest things do!

Later that evening, we were driving home from a run. We were at a red light, turning left at the intersection. The light turned green and Daniel started going through. I was thinking he sure was going through slowly. Just then, a truck that was going straight the other direction flew through the red light. If Daniel had accelerated a second faster, it would have slammed right into us! Daniel and I both exclaimed what an idiot he was and kept driving. 

The sad thing, as I was reflected on the day, was I realized I had gotten more worked up about Daniel ignoring my dishwasher pleas than about the fact that the moment in time could have been our last. I started trembling thinking about it. Our angels were truly protecting us. It wasn't our time yet. It should have been a big moment, a moment of thankfulness. That night as we said our prayers, Daniel thanked our angel for protecting us in that big moment. It seemed like no big deal to us, but really it was so many little things that kept us safe. 

Sometimes we hang on to the wrong things. We hurt and we argue and we don't forgive. This a reminder, to myself more than anyone, to be thankful for the things that matter and to let go the things that don't. All those stupid little things that don't matter causing hangups in your relationships and life? Let. Them. Go. The things that DO matter-- faith, relationships, gratitude, compassion-- hang on for dear life! 

P.s. On another note, Daniel's phone is too old and won't let him download Pokemon Go. Hallelujah! 


  1. So so true! I have had that happen to me before with a car coming through the light. What are people thinking??? Glad you all were okay.

  2. LOL on that Pokemon Go. I think it's generation gap but I don't find it interesting and wonder why so many people are into it. Guess, I'll have to see for myself first.

    Oh, how true is this post though. We often stress ourselves into things that are trivial and so we don't focus on those that matters most. We need to de-clutter our lives often.

    Thanks for this beautiful reminder!