Friday, June 24, 2016

Home Tour

My in-laws have been asking for pictures of our new place. I've been wanting to take some pictures once it is **mostly** decorated. I thought I would share on my blog for any other family or friends who are interested in seeing the full tour. Beware, it will be quick because our place is small! But we love it and are so thankful to have it. 

Living Room: 

Against one wall we have our couch (so comfy!) and against the other we have two bookshelves. 

These bookshelves hold a lot of special things.. our Bible books, family pictures, scrapbooks, games. I love how colorful and cheery it looks. 

 Against this wall we have our desk and, my favorite part, our coffee cart!!!! Daniel has a shelf for his car collection. This is where I do my blogging as well.

These two walls are the little hallway between our bedroom/bathroom and kitchen. We have family photos and a gorgeous shot given to us by Daniel's brother. I love how it makes the empty wall look full! 


It's definitely a tight squeeze! The counter space is super limited, but we are managing. It's a bit of a pain to keep everything looking nice. 

Cute menu board from my mother in law!

Probably my least favorite part is where our table is. The table is just too big for the space and the ugly air conditioner sits right in the middle of the wall! Still, I'd like to get some pictures to try to pretty up the area. 


Above our bed is this picture from our wedding. The flower sprig is actually an awesome gift given to us by a sister in our church. She made it from the flowers and ribbons that were decorating the rails at our wedding and gave it to us as a 1-year anniversary gift. 

We have a nice big closet! Although it looks jam packed, it's actually quite organized! I love being able to step into the closet to find my stuff. We have lots of extra storage room here, so my crafts/paper products/etc will be stored here. 

It's small and rather unimpressive, but it does it's job! Our shower is nice and has fantastic water flow!

The walls are in need of a little repair! 


One of the main reasons we wanted to move here! Our own little yard, shed, driveway! It's so nice. 

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