Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Words Can't Express

We're getting married!!!

Daniel and I got engaged on March 7, 2014! Words cannot express how thankful I am for this man. Daniel inspires me with his love for God. He makes me want to be better and encourages me in my faith.  I love to do Bible study with him because he is so enthusiastic about the Bible. Daniel is unfailingly patient with me. Through fights, stress and frustration, he remains calm and, in turn, that calms me down. When I feel badly with a headache (which is a lot), he takes care of me and lets me pout (sometimes :-). Oh yeah, and Daniel is honestly so good at all the "love languages" that he puts me, the self-professed love-language-expert, to shame. I could go on and on but it comes down to this: I am so happy to be marrying him!


  1. He sounds perfect!

  2. So So happy for you guys, God bless. From the Shankours.