Monday, May 23, 2016

Life in May

What month is it? Seriously, the other day I got confused and thought it was March. Anyhow-- lot's new here but nothing too exciting. Here's a little bit of what's new in the Ferrie home. 

1| We are moving! Oh yeah, and we don't know where yet. Daniel hates living right in the city and we have been having a lot of trouble with parking at our complex. We are looking for little places out in the country. So far we have found a few we liked a lot-- and we are waiting to find out! 

2| I've finished my second to last semester of school! Today I'm starting my first clinical rotation. I'm terrified! I've got my stack of navy blue polos, black slacks and Danskos all ready. This rotation will be 12 weeks in a skilled nursing facility. 

3| May in Northern California is typically SO hot. It's the time of the year when I begin to question how I will survive the summer. We've had a few of those days, but this year God has blessed California with some extra cold weather, rainy days, and gray skies. Not that I don't love the sun, but we sure need the rain! 

4| The evenings have been so pleasant recently that Daniel and I have been spending most of them on our tiny porch. We sit in our camping chairs, sip cold drinks, and read books/study (he's the one doing the reading and I'm the one doing the studying). 

5| Trips galore has been happening around here. Two weekends ago we headed to Southern Oregon for a church conference. It was really neat to see Oregon again! For the first time I saw Mount Shasta and I was in awe of it's beauty (I'd actually seen it as a small child but I don't remember!) Next weekend we are headed to Yosemite for another church retreat. I'm preparing myself for beauty! 

fabulous picture by my brother, Colton

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