Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Finally finished!

Hey everyone!

I am soooo excited because I finally finished a giant (625 pg!!!!) book on Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom.  This book was very interesting, but just about 400 pages too long.  Seriously, I don’t think it has ever taken me so long to read a book.  So, why did I read this book, you may ask?

I love GOALS.  When I set a goal, I love completing it!  My younger brother just graduated from high school and my mom bought him a boat-load of books.  There are a huge range of books, from Nelson Mandela to classic children’s books.  So I decided that I am going to read ALL of these books this summer.  Right now I have in my book bag the following:
·        Journey to the Centerof the Earth by Jules Verne

·        The Railway Children by E. Nesbit

·        Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing

·        The Ides of April by Mary Ray
Naturally, Long Walk to Freedom was the latest on my list of books to read.  Definitely glad to be through that one so that I can move on to the next one!  I will keep you all posted on the books and which ones I love (or hate!).  I am hoping to get through these books much faster.

Here's me excited to be on page 625!!

Have a great week!

Joyfully yours,


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  1. Sounds like the book itself was a long walk. Journey to the Center of the Earth will hopefully be a quicker read - I definitely enjoyed it.