Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Broken hearts.

This is a world of broken hearts.

This is a world of hurt.

As I lay in bed these past few nights, my eyes fill with tears for those who can’t sleep tonight because their precious children have been ripped away from them. And I silently thank God that I have had one more day with the ones I love.

Nothing can fix those broken hearts. Not 200K likes on Facebook. Not money. Not cards or phone calls. But we can all do our best to show we care.

Pray. Donate. Love. Send them cards and bracelets. Pray some more.

In this world, people have their hearts broken as their children are taken from them every day. Not in such horrific and terrifying ways, but broken nonetheless. There isn’t anything we can do to change that except beg Jesus to come and bind up our wounds.

Yes, it is a world of broken hearts. I believe God has made it that way to make us long for Him. Please come back soon, Jesus.

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