Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Big Sister Syndrome

I'm still rocking the same bangs, btw!

Along with being an automatic bossypants, the big sisterhood package comes with some less fortunate perks, one of which is worry.  I am the big sister to these four goobers, and let me tell you, I worry about them constantly.  I am also fiercely protective of my siblings.  I might think they are annoying sometimes, but insult them and I will cut you down.  It doesn't matter how angry I might be, I still want to protect them.  

There is just something about younger siblings that just makes you worry, no matter how old they are. I am going to call it Big Sister Syndrome. Take my 19-year-old brother, Dalton, who crosses the street by himself. If you ask me, that's just a little young to be taking such risks.  So I worry about stuff like that.  Also stuff like them being picked on by bullies, getting sick, or having a hard time on STAR testing. If they are out bike riding too long, snubbed by friends, or in trouble with my parents, I worry. 

But in all seriousness, we recently found out that my youngest brother, Colton, has scoliosis.  After getting a x-ray done, the doctor was concerned and told us that Colton needed to see a specialist.  I have been extremely worried about this appointment. I didn't want Colton to need spine surgery or even a brace! Kids are mean and I certainly didn't want him to get teased for wearing a brace.  So the night before I texted all of my friends and asked them to pray that Colton's scoliosis would be less serious than they thought (and thank you to all who prayed for him!!).  Guess what?? It is! We found out that the radiologist miscalculated the curvature of his spine.  His scoliosis is less than half of what they thought, and is very mild.  No brace, no surgery!! He will just need to go back every 4 months so they can monitor his scoliosis.  Praise the Lord! Big sister worry, goodbye (just kidding, it won't ever stop).  

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