Thursday, February 13, 2014

I'm Freaking Out!

Ugliest picture ever! You're welcome.
Next week is my first Physical Therapy school interview and I'm freaking out!!!!!! Ahhh! I honestly have never really been to a real interview for a job, so I have no experience.  I've been looking up interview tips specific for PT school but so far found nothing to be immensely helpful.  I guess one important thing they say is to relax.  Of course you are going to be nervous, but so is everyone else.  You want your personality to come out so that the interviewers will know if you are a match for their program. But just HOW exactly do you relax?

I also saw many people said to ask questions of your interviewers.  This is one I would never have thought of and it makes me nervous. I guess this would be questions about the school and program that will make it seem like I am interested in what they have to offer and whether I feel like I would be a match.  

There are a boatload of tips on how to master the interview process. I guess my biggest concern is that I haven't really spent any time preparing, which I should have done!! I know that it's terrible but I am sometimes just horrible about procrastination! I tend to avoid projects that I find stressful, which leads to them becoming more stressful. Any tips?

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