Tuesday, November 11, 2014

April Fool's

It's not even close to April, but I recently was thinking of this funny prank and thought I'd share it. Maybe you can even use it on April Fool's day next year (-;

It was many years ago, when my dad has just bought his shiny new pickup truck that he had been wanting for years. He was going away on a business trip for the week and had left his car parked at the airport.  If you know my dad at all, you will know how protective he is of his car.  So my mom orchestrated a silly little prank to play on him.  

My mom called directly to his voice mail so that he wouldn't know it was us.  In her best creepy man voice, she told him that her name was Chuck from the airport security.  There was some major construction going on in the airport parking garage. Unfortunately, his car had been damaged in the construction and that if he had any concerns he should call his insurance. They would cover the damages after he paid his deductible.  

In the background, we all made noise so that it would sound like a busy airport. We made a recording that we played that announced that for security purposes bags must be attended at all times and any suspicious bags should be reported. 

We could hardly breathe because we were all laughing so much! 

As you can imagine, my dad was furious. He couldn't believe that Chuck told him that he would have to pay the deductible! He told my mom, "His name was Chuck, but it sounded like a woman! I can just see what she looks like." 

Turns out, Chuck was a woman!! Hehe, have you pulled any funny April Fool's pranks?

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