Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What We're Thankful For

The big and the little, the holy and the mundane, here are just a few things our family is thankful for...

"I'm thankful for each other."

"Our Heavenly Father."

"Washing machines, cars, microwaves."

"An invitation to forever."

"I'm thankful for the Gospel and the Lord Jesus Christ!"

"God's nature."

"For clean water and sinks and soap."

"I'm thankful for thanksgiving!!!"

"Music and colors."

"I'm thankful for my family's health!"

"God's promise of eternal life... a life MUCH better
 than this! (and this is a good life)"

"Being able to travel easily and talk to people far away
quickly; being able to see our grandparents."


"If I need help, everyone is usually willing."

"For a healthy body."

"Warm clothes."

"Warm sunshine, cool breezes."

"There are people willing and able to 
spread hope and the gospel."

"I'm thankful for strong legs and arms so 
that I can exercise and have good health."


"Kind smiles and encouraging words."

"The opportunity to spend most of my life
training the children I've been blessed with."

"Thankful for my brother's and sister's in Christ!"

"Thankful for my parent's health!"

"The Bible and our friends in our faith."

"Food and a family."

"That my family members will rub my 
neck when I get a headache!"

"A healthy family to share our lives with."

"The blessing and comfort to pray to the Creator of all."

"The nice fall weather."

"God's example of grace, mercy and patience;
Jesus' example of compassion."

"We never truly have to worry."

"A cozy bed, medicine."

What are you thankful for?
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and
don't forget Who we should be thankful to!

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