Thursday, December 4, 2014

Through the Years

This time last year...

I was in Canada, visiting Daniel and meeting his family for the first time. I had such a wonderful time with him, going to the Butchart Gardens and celebrating Thanksgiving with his family. I was at the end of the last semester of my undergraduate degree, taking microbiology. I didn't think any class could be harder or more stressful... turns out I was wrong! Oh, and I also caught my first fish!

This time 5 years ago...

I was finishing up my first semester of college. I was loving all my classes and enjoying making new friendships. I enjoyed taking a literature class because I love to write (hence, the blog). I was also getting into working out and running at this point in my life. I was still working at my first nanny job, for three girls.  

For Christmas that year, we had pictures taken for my parents

This time 10 years ago...

I don't remember specifically what I was doing, but I had just recently turned 13. Thirteen was a big year for me, because in my church it is the year when we can start participating in the teen activities and retreats. I was in 9th grade and homeschooled by my mom. I was also in the top performing company at the dance studio. Dance was a huge part of my life. It was a big commitment because we had to be at the dance studio several hours every day, except Sundays.  

That's me in the red stripes! Hopefully my posture has improved since then 
I look back with fondness at all these memories. I have enjoyed almost every season of my life, just as I am enjoying it right now. I am so thankful for where I am at, and where I have been. There have been hard times and sad times, but through it all I have had support from family and friends, and most of all, from God.  

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