Thursday, December 24, 2015


As 2015 draws to an end, I am reflecting on what was the best and worst in the year. I try to always be introspective about my year so that I can continue to grow. Here is my list of highlights. It's been a good year so I'm sure there are more, but this is what I think of most. 

10 Highlights of 2015:

1. Daniel's back surgery; it was scary and of course, I didn't want him to have to have surgery. But I'm so thankful to God for bringing him through it and healing him of his pain! It really has changed both of our lives. 

2. Moving into our first apartment-- it was bittersweet, but now that I'm here I do really love it. It has been fun to make it into our own sweet home. I miss my family but I still get to see them lots. I LOVE having people over for dinner or to just hang out. 

3. Treating my first patient at school! Our neuro class got to treat patients with stroke. Mine was an absolutely phenomenal experience and I loved every second!

4. Our anniversary trip... same place as our honeymoon but a year better! 

5. Getting all As this semester in school. Maybe I'm bragging, but ever since I have started grad school I have really hated it and struggled to get good grades. This semester has been a lot different and, though hard, I am enjoying it so much more. I finally feel like I'm making it. 

6. My summer bucket list, which included finishing my wedding scrapbook and visiting my grandparents in Virginia. This summer was SO full of sweetness. 

7. Um, Christmas?? Hasn't even happened yet but I can tell it is going to be way better than last years! I am so excited about the gifts that I got for everyone AND it's so much less stressful than last year! 

8. My birthday party... Daniel went all out and threw the most super duper funnest party! I'm thankful that he gets me and knows how to make my day rocking. 

9. My two favorite blog posts from this year: here & here. 

10. And of course, I'm so thankful to God for blessing me with this year. It's been overwhelmingly wonderful. I hope your 2015 has been this good and if it hasn't, I hope 2016 holds wonderful things for you. Maybe even the return of Jesus! #JesusforKing2016

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