Monday, December 21, 2015

When Your Heart is Full

photo by my sister, Melissa!
From the end of November to the New Year, life seems so packed with holiday goodness. 
But do you ever feel so bogged down with expectations for the holidays that you can't enjoy the goodness? I do.

For me, one of the biggest things is decorating. I LOVE to decorate. I find myself (as my poor husband knows), drooling over all kinds of Christmas decorations every time we enter a store. If I could just have that wreath and those ornaments, I'd be happy... right??

Sometimes, I think we all need to step back and realize that this time isn't about decorations. It isn't about gifts. It isn't about my Shutterfly cards or matching address labels. To me, it's about spending time with your loved ones. The crafts and the presents and the cookies and the ice skating are just a way to spend special time with them. 

There are those who don't have loved ones, who are spending this season hurting for love. There are those who don't even have homes to live in or food to eat. And I'm worried about my decorations??

If you are like me and spend the holidays with a full heart, I hope you will consider thinking of others who don't have what we do. The websites here, here and here give great ideas for giving to the homeless. If you want to help someone all year long, my church has this awesome organization where you can do everything from giving a mosquito net to supporting a child all year long. Let's all do what we can!

And if your heart is hurting this season, I pray that God will give you comfort and peace. 

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