Tuesday, April 25, 2017

52 Dates for Two

I'm so excited about this date planning guide I bought from the Dating Divas website. It's easy to put together, you just have to print and cut out all the dates. Most of the dates are easy to plan on the spot, although some of them require a little extra prep. We try to have a date night every week (usually Friday), but sometimes the date night might just be collapsing into bed and watching a movie. As long as it's the two of us with no cell phones, it counts in my book. 

All 52 cards fit in a photo album, with a blank space next to them to add a picture from your date. So every week you can flip through these awesome suggestions and have a  pre-planned date! Make sure to take a picture to add to the photo album. 

Here's an example of two we have done: 

Breakfast in bed: It was Daniel's turn to plan the date, so he went to the store the night before. I'd say this is the best way to do it, otherwise you are going to be waiting for breakfast for a long time! He made eggs, toast, hash browns and fruit. It was super tasty and we enjoyed the meal while watching a movie.

A perfectly convincing "just out of bed" look (;
Planning a dream vacation: This was fun because we didn't just pretend to plan a vacation, we planned our trip to Mexico! We've been talking about it for a long time but we finally decide to go to Secrets in Riviera Maya. It's our first all-inclusive trip and I'm super excited!! I can't wait to eat all the food. 

The egg hunt... the last egg was a clue to find my booked reservation for Mexico! Yay!
I hope you'll check this awesome idea out! What are you favorite date ideas?? 

P.S. I receive a small commission for promoting products I love! 

52 Date Night Ideas for Two | thedatingdivas.com

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