Friday, June 9, 2017

This Sweet Life We Live

Hey friends! I randomly got this Friday off, so YAY! As usual, life has been jam-packed with good stuff. 

An unrelated but pretty picture!!
Daniel and I have been looking for a new place for some time, because the place we rent is being sold. On Sunday, we went to look at an adorable two-bedroom cottage and signed the lease on Tuesday! It's a great place and we are excited for the move. However, I've loved this little house we live in now and it will be very bittersweet to leave. 

My youngest brother is graduating from high school and I couldn't be prouder of what a wonderful person he is. Colton is fun to be around, always willing to help anyone out, and most of all, loves God. He's a pretty great guy!

I just received a gorgeous copy of The Nesting Place, which you should totally check out for book club this month! 

In other news, we have a houseful of people coming over tonight and I think my dishwasher is broken. I may spend the rest of my day off washing all the dishes that I have crammed into the dishwasher for the last 4 days. I'm actually drinking cranberry juice out of the bottle because we don't have a single clean cup, but I can't bear to wash one by hand. Yikes! #firstworldproblems

Anyway, I'm just heading out to start my long weekend with a 9 mile run. I'll be out there with my raisins and my Jamie Ivey podcast. I'd rather do just about anything else. Wish me luck! 

Happy weekend! What are you doing this weekend?!

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