Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Apple Hill Part 1 Vs. Part 2

Apple Hill is a lovely place near me where there are lots of apple farms, apple picking, apple desserts, craft fairs, and fudge.  Did I mention desserts?  Oh yeah. 
Part 1:
Beks and I go to Apple Hill.  We get the worst chicken sandwiches ever.  It starts to rain hard.  They are out of apple dumplings, apple turnovers, apple fritters AND apple pie.  (How is that even possible??)  It starts to snow.  We go home and drown our sorrows in a giant bowl of popcorn and movie. 

We were making fun of "pie" candles
... Until the owner came along.  Then things got serious.
Pouting about snow.

Part 2:
The weather is beautiful. I go to Apple Hill with my mom, Colton and Melissa.  They are still out of apple dumplings and turnovers, but I get a slice of apple pie with cider sauce.  That's all I ask of you, Apple Hill.

Oh, and here's hoping that you had a great holiday weekend!
Joyfully yours,


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  1. This place is on my to do list, even though I live in Oklahoma , i know tons of people that go there and mmm apple.