Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's that time again...

It’s basketball season baby!! Watching the Oklahoma City and San Antonio game right now… and I sure hope that OKC is gonna come back and win.  Cause I love Kevin Durant.

This guy is chill.  Yes, I just said chill which means I’m so cool. 
So, I do like OKC but I feel like it is important to support your home team first and foremost.  Even if they stink, like my Sacramento Kings (cover your ears, Kings).  But I do love the Kings, just wish they could be a little better.  I really hate it when people don’t support their home team.  That's just stinky.  So what team are you cheering for this season? 


  1. Thunder Up Baby! Love this! We have season tickets up in the nosebleeds, I will be waving at you fervently from the stands tonight ;-)