Monday, November 25, 2013

Praying for Siblings

Prayer is not always one of my strong points. I know it is essential in the life of a believer, but I often find myself repeating the same things in prayers.  Recently, I have been trying to focus on praying more and praying better.  I've noticed that there are a lot of suggestions for praying for children/husbands/boyfriends/fianc├ęs.  While those are great, because I four younger siblings, they are definitely on my prayer list.  Here are some topics I have come up with.  Let me know what you think!

1. Pray that they will always serve God first.  Of course my ultimate hope is that my siblings will choose to follow God.  I want nothing more to see them in His Kingdom someday soon!  

2. Pray that they will make wise life choices.  I have come to realize that I don't have a whole lot of choice in what my siblings do, so I pray that their choices will be made with prayer and thought.  I pray that as the choose spouses and careers, they will find joy and peace.  

3. Pray that they will be helped through temptation. Obviously my siblings will face temptations to do the wrong thing.  Like Job prayed for each of his children to avoid sin, I pray that my siblings will be able to stand firm.  
4. Pray that you will be friends as you grow older. I wouldn't say I am super close to my siblings, but I think we are growing closer as we age. I pray that as we grow up and go our separate ways, we will see each other as not just siblings, but friends.  I pray that we will be able to go to each other in times of need without fearing judgment or criticism.  
5. Pray that they will learn from their mistakes and continue to grow.  Even as I pray that they will be able to stand firm against the pressures of the world, I know that they will have times they will fall. Some people go through life never learning from their poor choices. I pray that this will not be the case with my siblings, but that they will grow in wisdom and godliness.

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