Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What You Do Reflects What You Love


Do you think it's true? I do. For example, people who spend 24/7 on the job. Do they love what they do? I don't know if they love working nonstop, but they must love something about it, whether it be  prestige or money (are there other benefits of working nonstop? I can't think of any!)

When it comes to my life, what I claim to love is my Heavenly Father and the individuals who fill my life.  But when it comes to what I do, I would have to say that I am found lacking.  You see, so often we have to make choices about how we spend our time.  I find that I am constantly having conflicts of interest... and what do I choose? Often, not the things I say I love most. 

I overheard some students talking to my microbiology teacher the other day, who said, "This class is just preparing you for graduate school.  Once you are in grad school that is your WHOLE life (emphasis added by me)."  And I'm thinking.. I don't want that to be my whole life.  Not just I don't want it to be my whole life, but it is wrong for it to be my whole life.  So when that moment comes when I have to decide what my life is about, I pray that I choose what is really important. To me, that's not work or school.  We must do those things and hopefully they bring us some measure of joy, too.  But what's most important, what brings most meaning and joy, how we spend our time... we must decide. I pray that that choice is made with wisdom.

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