Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bittersweet Changes

I've been a nanny for more than 6 years. It was a great job to have through college because it allowed me to work part-time and still keep up with all my classes. My latest nanny job I've been doing for a year and a half, and I love it. The girls I watch are awesome and the parents are kind and flexible. I couldn't have asked for a better part-time college job and I'm so thankful for it. 

Next week, I'm embarking on a new adventure to Canada. I've quit my job and hope to find a full-time summer job when I come back.  Come fall I will be starting Physical Therapy school full time. (Whoo hoo, I got in!)

I know that life can't always stay the same, and I don't really want it too, but it is bittersweet to be leaving this wonderful family and job. However, I'm excited for all the wonderful things that are to come! 

Change is hard, I think!

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