Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Our Weekend

It was a great weekend, kicked off by my favorite little sister's twelfth birthday. She had a pretty special day, complete with a random card Dalton found in a library book, a Hunger Games scavenger hunt by Daniel, and a Hunger Games cake I made. #tryingtobecool

After a delicious sushi lunch, Daniel and I headed off for our "adventure" in San Jose. That has quotations because, in the words of Daniel, adventure is not in my vocabulary and basically consists of me lying around and eating the best food I can. My Christmas gift to him was tickets to a Sharks versus Flames hockey game, plus a weekend stay in San Jose. I picked it because Daniel loves hockey, and the Calgary Flames are his favorite team. 

We made it to San Jose in time for me to have a nap before dinner. That's good, because two hour drives are just exhausting, if you know what I mean. We went on a safari for Starbucks and luckily we were successful because Starbucks just happens to be on every block. We dressed up and went out to an overpriced but wonderful dinner. We were pretending to be fancy people, but I don't think anyone was fooled. 

After dinner, we walked outside to discover the largest convening of people with bicycles I've ever seen. I'm serious, there were hundreds of bikers riding around in the Safeway parking lot, complete with loud music, food trucks, and the smell of weed. We tried to figure out what that was all about, but figured San Jose was just a weird place. 

Saturday we headed down to Santana Row, an outdoor shopping mall. It's another fancy place that Daniel and I don't fit in, but it's fun to walk around. One of my favorite restaurants is there, so we went in and baffled the waiter by splitting a meal and not ordering wine. Needless to say, we barely saw him. But the sweet potato fries and brie cheese made it all worthwhile.

Saturday night was the hockey game. Daniel was thrilled that after a (very brief) overtime, the Flames won! I don't know much about hockey, but it was a pretty fun evening regardless. 

On Sunday, we had the opportunity to have fellowship with our brothers and sisters at church in San Francisco. We heard a great talk on how, as disciples, our relationship with God starts with a bit of fear, because we realize how great and awesome He is. However, as we grow to know Him more, we advance past that fear stage into love of our Father and what He has done for us. It was a great talk!

Before heading home, we enjoyed a pizza lunch with our friends James, Ben and Josh. Oh, and we stopped for a Starbucks halfway home so that turned it into a perfect weekend! (-: