Tuesday, February 10, 2015

4 Things

Take courage, my brother, and be not fainthearted.
Let none or your sorrows, nor trials impede, but reach forth your hand and remember your brother, forget all your troubles in meeting his need. 

Be thankful, my brother, for God has provided much more than you need from His bountiful store; for God's hand is open, His love is unbounding, and should you require it, there soon will be more.

Be prayerful, my brother, and look to your Maker, He's promised to help you and waits for your call; just tell him your trouble, He is the Almighty, there's nothing too big and there's nothing too small.

Be joyful, my brother, a new day is dawning, and brighter and fairer that morning will be; so join with all voices and sing loud hosannas, the Savior is coming to make us all free.

We sing this hymn at my church and it gives me chills every time. I wish I could embed the song but I couldn't find a version. Regardless, it has a beautiful melody and even more beautiful lyrics. It truly covers it all... courageousness, thankfulness, prayerfulness, and joyfulness. So this is what I take from it...

Be courageous
because we have each other for encouragement and support. 

Be thankful
because God has UNBOUNDING love for you. That verse just makes me cry. How powerful, that our omnipotent Father has that kind of love for us. All you have to do is ask.

Be prayerful
because God is there. He WANTS to hear from us. Tell Him and He promises to hear you.

Be joyful
because there is hope in tomorrow. No matter the struggle you may be having today, there is joy lurking on the horizon. Jesus IS coming and God WILL free us from sin and death if we live according to His will.

Do you have a hymn that blows you away every time?


  1. Thanks for sharing this today Danielle! I had never heard this hymn before, and found it really encouraging!

    1. Thanks Lauren! Glad you found it inspiring!

    2. Thank you for sharing your favorite hymn with us Danielle, I too love this hymn, it is encouraging to know that we have hope beyond what those in the world have, right now, mostly fear and sadness.... and we need to be thankful every day for this.
      I think my most favorite hymn would be #379 in our hymn book, "Most glorious things are spoken".... Jerusalem of thee, because it is about our ultimate hope, to find a place in the kingdom, and helps us to think about who will be there, he/she whos heart abides in truth etc. and it's so wonderful to know that among the billions of people on the earth, we have been called out to share in this blessing, unworthy though we are, to be there.

    3. Thanks Vikki... 379 is also a favorite of mine!