Monday, February 23, 2015

Date Night

Ever since we've been married, Daniel and I have (thankfully) been able to spend quite a bit of time together (or in Daniel's opinion, TONS of time together). Unfortunately, this is because he hasn't been able to have a job, not due to a lack of trying but because he hasn't had a work permit. Regardless, I know that as our lives get increasingly busy, our time together will get more precious. This year we are trying out having one "date night" a week. Right now, it's on Thursdays. Typically we spend little to no money on the night and we switch up who plans the evening them. I get most of my ideas from Pinterest, when I search "Cheap Date Ideas" or "Stay at Home Date Night."

So far we have...

Gone to the park in the evening, sat on a blanket, and just talked

Gone for short walks-- holding hands is a must!

Played videogames (my favorite is the Nintendo classic Super Mario 64) and had corndogs

Set up our room with lights and a projector and watched a movie/had popcorn

Went online and planned our dream vacations together (this one was a bit of a disaster because we ended up getting a virus on his computer and he had to spend hours getting it fixed... sigh..)

Ate frozen yogurt and sat by a pond on a nice evening

Listened to Bible classes online

Shared a drink at Starbucks

Given each other massages and played 20-questions

Filled out this book together 

Looked at Pinterest! We love this one... it's fun to look at homes, date ideas, or even just humor pins together

Played board games (namely Settlers of Catan)

Played Civilization (a computer game that Daniel loves)

And of course, going out to eat, which is always a favorite of mine because I LOVE to eat good food

On our list to-do...


Live music at a restaurant

Go to a drag race



See? They aren't fancy or expensive, but it is a great way to bond with your spouse. Even if they are things you normally do, it's nice to set aside a night dedicated to enjoying each other's company.  

What are some fun date nights that you have enjoyed?

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