Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Little Things

There are very few things as wonderful as spending the afternoon lying around in PJs because your teachers cancelled class. However, one of those wonderful things is finding easy, awesome crafts. Here are three that I made recently that were simple to make, yet turned out really well!

These cool bookends I made for my sister and my best friend for Christmas. They were a little more difficult and I don't think I could have done them without Daniel. He cut and sanded the boards for me to paint. I also had to search around forever to find animals, but finally found some at Walmart. I then used "Liquid Leaf" from Michaels to pain the boards and animals. I used super glue to attach the animals. I think they turned out pretty nicely!
For more instructions, go here.

Ok, I worked on this painting forever! I am a perfectionist so I was frustrated that I never got the stripes quite right or the letters quite even. I printed out a chevron stencil to make my job easier. I used a thin canvas and super glued a wall hanger on the back!
I was inspired by this picture.

Lastly, I found this was an excellent way to keep all my wedding cards neat and cute! I adjusted a 3-hole punch to use just two of the holes. I used shower curtain rings from Home Depot to bind the cards together. I wish they would lie a little flatter, but I guess that's because we got so many nice cards!

Have you made any neat (and easy) crafts lately?

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