Friday, April 10, 2015

Our First Meeting

I met Daniel in August 2013. People often ask how someone from California ends up married to someone from Canada. Here's how:

My brother and I went up to Victoria, BC for a Bible school we'd heard about. We weren't able to attend our normal Bible school at the end of July because I was in summer school. At the time, I was very disappointed, but now I think of what a wonderful chain of events that God brought me through for me to meet Daniel. How can such a little thing as taking summer school lead you to meet your future husband and your life partner? I'll tell you how-- God.

Justin and I arrived at the Bible school on Saturday evening. I was feeling a little uncomfortable because I didn't really know anyone and I'm not very good at making new friends. Sunday morning, there was a new guy (a cute one) who sat down near Justin and I at breakfast. I liked his beard. I introduced myself and made sure to point out that Justin was my brother. (-: I remember him sitting by me in the first class we had and talking to him a bit. He told me that he had just come up for church on Sunday but he was hoping to come back for the whole retreat if he got some things finished at home. He left Sunday afternoon and I sure hoped he would come back.

I was quite disappointed when he didn't show up on Monday morning but I reminded myself that I was being silly because I hardly knew him. 

The End.

Just kidding. To my surprise, Daniel showed up that afternoon. I remember I went down to the pier overlooking the lake and was trying to make new friends. Who should show up and sit down beside me? You guessed it. I think we spent an hour or two talking and he told me all about his trip to Israel, which was his then (and current) obsession. He told me he had lots of pictures on his computer if I wanted to see. 

I spent most of the week hanging out with Daniel (as well as some of my other new friends). He spent HOURS (I mean it) showing me thousands of pictures from his trip to Israel. We went to choir practice in the afternoons. We took a few hikes. We did the Bible readings. We just got to know each other. 

He found out how much I love flowers and he showed me pictures of Butchart Gardens, which was nearby. I was going to be staying around for a few days after camp with some friends and I was hoping they would take me, until I found out how expensive it was. Daniel secretly paid for our friend Meagan to take me. How sweet is that? It was amazingly gorgeous there. I jokingly call that our first date. 

Anyway, I was sad to see the week end and have to say goodbye. We promised to keep in touch... and it looks like we did (-:

Sadly we don't have many pictures from that week.
Hike with Jessica and Julie

Showing me hundreds of Israel pictures
I look like a goof but I love his happy smile (-:


  1. I love reading "meeting" stories. So cool how God brings people together. :)

    1. Oh, good! Sometimes it's hard to tell if people will be interested or bored. Glad you enjoyed (:

  2. Love reading how couples meet! And so great that you liked his beard... I'm sure I thought something very similar about my hubby, ha! :) :)

    1. (: (: It's funny to remember the things I first noticed about him! And now that I actually know him, I still love those things but now so much more!