Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fun in the Sun

This past weekend Daniel and I did something crazy and went on a vacation! That's right... a vacation, right during the busiest weeks of school. Something else crazy? I didn't take one single bit of homework or study materials with me. Sadly, I hardly took any pictures of our trip. I need to get better about that.

We went down to San Diego to visit our friend Jessica for her college graduation! I must say, it was so nice to get away and spend some time NOT thinking about school. When I had some free time at the airport/on the airplane, I didn't have a thing to do but sleep, read, and talk to Daniel.

Our first flight together!
We left on Friday after Daniel got off work and our flight landed at 8 pm. Jessica picked us up and we headed to the cute beach house we were staying at. We just relaxed, ate snacks, and watched a movie. The next morning we walked to the beach, which took all of 5 minutes! I just splashed around in the water but Daniel jumped right in. Boy loves to swim!

Jessica gave us fruit roll-ups, so of course we had to give ourselves the tongue tattoos!
That afternoon we chilled at Jessica's house while she got ready for her graduation. Her family arrived and we drove with them to the ceremony. Jessica goes to Point Loma Nazarene University and the campus is right on the beach. The ceremony had a gorgeous backdrop to the beach (although I got a little hot sitting right in the sun). It was fun cheering for her walk up to the front! We went to a little family dinner with her.

On Sunday we went to church and afterwards dropped Jessica off at work. We had the afternoon to explore, so we went to the little town of Encinitas. It was really fun! We walked around, went to the beach, had Starbucks (of course!). We went out for dinner, my first time truly trying Indian food. I must say, it tasted good but my stomach didn't take it well. Oh well! Daniel certainly enjoyed his meal.

We were sad to say goodbye, but I was thankful for a relaxing weekend. The only bad part was our flight was delayed and we got home super late. :-( Oh, and I wish I had taken a few decent pictures!

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