Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Creator

Recently, Daniel and I have been going to the river to go gold panning. Yes, gold panning. Before a couple of weeks ago, I didn't even know that gold panning was something people did! But it's so fun! I have loved spending my afternoons at the river gold panning with him. We found a little stream that is secluded and perfect. The water is so loud you can't hear anyone else, so it's like being all alone. Ahh, perfection. 

Tip: wear rain boots!! 

When we were there last Sunday, I was thinking about how magnificent the earth is. It's amazing! God made such a beautiful place for us to live. Even after all we have done to destroy our earth, there is so much beauty to be seen. I can't even fathom how God could be so creative, but He is THE Creator, so I guess it makes sense! If I were to fashion the earth, I would never have been so creative. Each little bug, each rock, each plant. He made them so unique, so beautiful, so perfect. 

That afternoon was a wonderful reminder to me: God is not only a loving Father, a mighty God, but also a Creator.  

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