Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday... Beaches, Books, and Batter!

It's Friday! Today I'm linking up to share what's happening this week:

1. I know I already talked about it, but... San Diego! Loved having a mini getaway with Daniel. 

2. Yesterday was my last day of class for the Spring 2015 semester! Woo hoo! Now I just have to get through finals and then I have a whole week off before I have to gear up for summer school. Speaking of gearing up for summer school, there is the annoying thing called textbooks that I need to get. If you haven't tried getting your books at Campus Book Rentals, I would recommend trying it out. I have rented several textbooks from them and I appreciate the speed with which the books arrive and the free shipping (both ways!). I haven't tried it yet, but they also have an awesome program where you can actually get paid for people to rent your books. Check out more about it here

3. I'm sick... and no, that's not the good part. BUT it's so nice to have a sweet husband to help me out. He brought me my favorite Ricola cough drops to suck on constantly. I do mean that literally... I have eaten all 20 in 3 days. 

4. Rain! Rain! Rain! Twice in May we have had thunderstorms with a significant amount of rain. That NEVER happens. God is good! 

5. For our date last night, Daniel and I made sugar cookies together! It was really fun to do! We made our dough into three different colors and decorated with LOTS of sprinkles. The funniest one was one that Daniel made... a tadpole. I bet you've never seen a tadpole cookie before! (-:

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I remember living in California and getting so excited about the rain! Since moving away for school, I've had just about enough of it though! Two solid weeks of clouds and rain can wear down a California girl's soul. ;)
    Loved the post- I'll have to check out that textbook rental site!

    1. Thanks Lauren! I never appreciated rain much until we have been in this drought! Now I'm so thankful for it! And yes, renting is my preferred method for getting textbooks!

  2. Isn't rain the best?! Living in Arizona, it's something that we appreciate very much :)