Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let's Talk About Textbooks!

If you are a student like me, your internal conflict probably probably goes similarly at the beginning of each semester:

Should I buy my textbooks?  Where from...the school bookstore?  Amazon?  Or should I rent them? Sell them back to the bookstore for a few bucks at the end of the semester?  Would I make more money selling them on Ebay?  
Sound familiar? It's FRUSTRATING!! Which is why I'm so excited about a cool site I recently heard about-- Campus Book Rentals.  This is a site where you can rent your books online.  Why should you?  Here are just a few of the perks of renting your textbooks:

YOU SAVE A TON OF MONEY! Renting books costs a lot less than buying them in the bookstore

You get FREE shipping, both ways. 

You can still highlight and write in your books!  I was always worried with this about rental books.

The rental dates are flexible, so you get a bit of a grace period at the end of the semester.  If you procrastinate a bit, it's not a big deal!

They donate to an awesome company called Operation Smile that heals children internationally of their cleft lips!  Did you know that a child is born with a cleft lip every three minute?  These children have trouble eating, speaking, and smiling.  Sadly, 1 in 10 of them will die before age 1. 

Pretty great program, huh?  But since it is March right now, you probably aren't thinking about getting books anytime soon.  However, as the end of this semester approaches, you WILL be thinking about what to do with your books.  Why not trying renting them out? Campus Book Rentals has an awesome program that allows you to rent your books out and get paid.  Check it out in the following video.

Go check Campus Book Rentals out... I will definitely be doing so!

*While I am receiving compensation for this post, I would not promote it if I did not believe it to be a worthwhile cause.

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