Friday, June 19, 2015

Elementary School and Photos

Ever look back and laugh at a style you had when you were younger? Obviously, the answer is yes. For me, it is often a resounding yes. 

One of my favorite hair styles was to wear my hair in a half-ponytail bun. I remember my mom begging me not to wear my hair like that for school pictures, but I insisted. Good call. Thankfully, I ignored her advice and insisted on this hairdo. 

Fast forward to my spring pictures from the same year. Overalls, patchwork shirts, and butterflies, Oh My! Honestly, you can never have too many colorful butterfly clips in your hair. If you have not utilized this hairstyle thus far in your life, I highly encourage you to try it out right away.  

I loved wearing cat sweaters and bangs. Doesn't matter the year, doesn't matter the season. Honestly, I don't even like cats but cat sweaters are a whole different ball game.

This dress is super cute, but guess what? I wore it practically every day when I was six (yes, that means my whole sixth year). Truly, wearing the same thing every day makes picking your outfit so so simple.

I think this is my favorite one... my hair and outfit look cute so I'm just going to assume that my mom picked those out.

Elementary school and picking out my own outfits just doesn't go together. I looked so much cuter when my mom dressed me. Maybe we should all just have our moms dress us forever... ?


  1. Some do these I've never seen--so, so cute!!!!!!

    1. Grandpa says he loves the one where my hair is sticking up from static :)

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