Wednesday, June 17, 2015


On Monday, my sweet hubby had surgery on a herniated disk he had in his lower back. For more than a year he has had leg pain that limited pretty much everything he did. He has been to doctors, physical therapists, back specialists, and now surgeons. He tried every other method besides surgery. Sadly, nothing helped! He continued to have pain.

So about two months ago we met with a surgeon. We made an appointment for Saturday, June 13th (it kept getting postponed until Monday, which is another frustrating story).  Finally we were called to come in on Monday morning. I was in class so I rushed out to meet Daniel at the hospital. I texted my best friend, Bekka, who came and sat with me the WHOLE time. 

We were at the hospital for about 6 hours and then Daniel got to come home. The surgery went well and for the next six weeks he needs to focus on recovering! He is in a lot of pain right now but I'm praying that he will start feeling better over the next couple of days. For now, I'm trying to help him out as much as possible (as well as force him to get up and walk around every one in a while!) 

I would sure appreciate prayers that Daniel will recover quickly and that this will finally solve the pain that he has been having! 

ha! Right after he woke up, Daniel snagged my phone and sent this photo out. 

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