Monday, June 1, 2015

May is Over!

Aaaand... it's back to school! But not before a lovely weekend with some of my favorites!

Saturday afternoon Daniel and I went with my sister and Bekka to the State Capitol. We had a tasty picnic on the beautiful grounds and then toured the inside of the building. I have been before, but I had forgotten how ornate it is. It's very beautiful and my pictures don't do it justice!

The ceiling was gorgeous! I wish you could tell from this picture!

The Senate room

The assembly room

Goof :)

After looking around the Capitol, we checked out the Rose Garden. We only lasted a few minutes because BOY was it hot! My sissy took these pretty pictures of a few roses.

On Sunday, my whole family went to Marinwood for our annual Sunday School picnic at church. We had classes on Focusing on God's Kingdom followed by the most delicious potluck and fun games! I didn't take many pictures but I did manage to capture a few charmers ;) We finished up a lovely weekend by having a delicious barbecue with some of our friends in the Bay area.

My parents being very chill


  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures Danielle, it's nice to see that you are managing to fit in some relax time in between your studies, and it's especially nice to see Daniels smiling face!

    1. Thanks! It was nice to be able to relax!