Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Reflection on Modesty

One of the things that saddens me most about our society is the increasing lack of modesty that is accepted and encouraged. It's hurting our children and our teens, teaching them that to be attractive and cool they must show off their bodies. Here are some of my thoughts about the word "modesty" that I share in love

Modesty isn't about being good, frumpy, or unattractive. It is about honoring your God, your body, and your (future) husband. It's about honoring the women around us and teaching them a healthy love of self. It's about honoring the men around us and helping them not to be so focused on our bodies. Note, the key word is help

I'm all for loving and celebrating a strong and healthy body, or any body really, but I am also all for doing it more discreetly. 

There are certain standards that I have made for myself but there is no hard and fast rule.  To some, these may seem so extreme and to others these may seem to be completely immodest. I'm not suggesting that we will ever all agree. There is no Bible verse that says that shorts must be this long and shirts must be this high. Modesty IS subjective but it should be done thoughtfully. 

Instead, maybe we should think about each piece of clothing and the attitude we portray when we wear it. What about it do we like? What does it cause others to be drawn to about us? Why are we wearing it? My definition of modesty might be a little different than yours, but I think if we are truly examining our motives, we will come to similar conclusions. 

For modesty to truly be modesty, it must come from the heart. It's not a set of rules and meaningless standards. If we follow all the "rules" yet don't care why, it doesn't mean a whole lot. I'm sure there are fantastic followers of God out there who wear clothing that is immodest. I'm sure there are many modest women who don't truly love God. Modesty doesn't equal godliness. 

So what is your view on modesty? 

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