Friday, December 16, 2016

Remembering those Hurting

While the holidays are a very wonderful and festive time for many of us, there are a lot of people who spend the holidays hurting. Maybe they have lost a parent and can't find it in themselves to truly celebrate. Maybe they grew up going through foster families and never really had a real holiday experience. Maybe their child is sick. Maybe their spouse left them and they have to pull off Christmas alone for the sake of their children. Maybe they never met their "soulmate" and are spending the holiday alone.

In a time where there is so much joy, it can become especially painful to those who are hurting. 

There are so many people who have never been able to experience the holiday with joy, for one reason or the other. 

My heart aches for all these individuals, because in a time when my heart feels so full, I want everyone to feel the same way. I encourage you to remember those who hurt and acknowledge that there may be nothing you can do. 

There is no right answer because each person is different and you will have to choose your response based on the individual. It might be inviting them to celebrate with you, or it might be giving them the "permission" that they don't need to celebrate when their grief is too raw. It maybe simply be reaching out to the individual and asking what they need. 

Meet people where they are. If they are grieving, accept them. If they want help, accept them. If they don't want help, accept them. No one suffers exactly the same way. 

So if you are hurting during this Christmas, I hope that you may find a sense of peace. It's okay to reach out to those around you. If your heart is full, don't forget to look around and notice those who suffer. And wherever you stand, don't forget to be thankful for what you do have. 

May your weekend be truly blessed! xo

P.S. If you want to do something for those truly in need, go sponsor a child with Agape in Action. 100% of the proceeds will go to the field, which is really important!!

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