Friday, December 2, 2016

Living Boldly

I hear this idea of living boldly bounced around a lot, but what does it mean to truly live boldly? 

I want to live boldly but how do I do it? To me, it means to push yourself out of your comfort zone. I think to really do good, you have to get outside of your comfort zone. For people who struggle with anxiety (like me), getting out of your comfort zone can be very hard. But living out of your comfort zone can also be very beautiful.

I think living boldly means loving as much as possible. I think it means aiming for dreams that seem out of reach. Not just having a dream, but taking steps toward that dream. A dream is really just a wish if you aren't progressing toward it. 

Living boldly doesn't mean being fearless, but it DOES mean not being stopped by your fears. We can never get out of our comfort zone if we succumb to our fears. Instead we must face our fears head on. 

For me personally, living boldly means finally taking steps toward being a foster parent. It means taking my national exam in July rather than waiting until October. It means loving deeply, even when it hurts. 

But living boldly isn't just an idea that comes from me. It comes from the Bible. The Bible is full of individuals living boldly. They faced their fears, they followed God despite all, and they loved deeply. In fact, in this culture, following God requires boldness. 

I believe that to follow God is to truly live boldly. What do you do to live boldly? 

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