Thursday, December 22, 2016

Why Christmas is the Best

 I love love love Christmas, as you can probably tell by now! If you don't, this will be the last Christmas post of the year.

Christmas is the best because it brings family together. For a lot of families, it might the only time of the year that everyone can make it to the same place. That family time is super important.

I love the weather at Christmas, slightly chilled (in California, hah!) but still beautiful, for the most part. Almost every shopping center is decked out in all their fine Christmas apparel. I adore the white lights and wreaths everywhere. 

Christmas is also my favorite time for decorating the house. I just made a big grapevine wreath covered in sparkly red hydrangeas and white and gold poinsettias. The Christmas tree with our colored lights and ornaments looks so perfect sitting in our house. Our Christmas candle burns and fills the house with a lovely smell. Daniel wrapped white lights around our window, which I think looks so perfect. 

I love sending out Christmas cards to our friends and receiving them back (send me cards!!!!). I love buying the perfect (**hopefully**) gifts for those I love and wrapping them in pretty gift paper and bows. I love watching people open gifts that I gave them and seeing their reactions. I also love getting gifts too, obviously. 

I love sneaking around in the dark of the morning to put little goodies into everyone's stockings. 

I love our new tradition of going to the bookstore and buying a book on Christmas eve. I love my family tradition of eating french toast on Christmas morning and getting up at 6 am to open presents. 

I love eating chocolate covered cherries in the morning for the only day of the year. I love tasty appetizers and sparking cider for dinner. 

Most of all, I love Christmas because it means spending time with family. 

What are you favorite Christmas traditions? 

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