Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Joys of November

November is just the best month, isn't it? Well, next to December, that is. I love November because it is just full of thankful vibes. 

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family, despite the fact that many of us were sick. I had fun decorating the table for the first time! We had a wonderful meal and even got a family picture, thanks to one of our friends.

I'm so thankful that two of my brothers, who have bronchitis and pneumonia, are finally getting better!

In November, I also passed my oral defense. If you don't know what that is, I'm not surprised! In the physical therapy program, we have to write a final project and then we have an oral defense where we present our case study and then are grilled on it! It was pretty stressful but I'm so glad to be done with that! One step closer to graduation. 

Also in November, Daniel and I invited people over for a "Run for the Everlasting Cure" event. Run for the Everlasting Cure is basically a day of prayer that our church honors around the world. We make an attempt to get together and pray and walk. We had a brunch, followed by prayer and a very rainy walk.

Lastly, I enjoyed a Gilmore Girls party with my girlfriends, complete with macaroni and cheese, Chinese, pizza bites, burgers, fries, coffee, poptarts, and ice cream. The food and company were great, but the show was horrible, IMHO. What did you think of GG? 

Oh yeah, and Daniel and I had pictures taken by Savannah Hayes photography, which we got back yesterday. I just love them! Don't worry, I limited myself to three so that I wouldn't seem overwhelmingly vain. 

As we head into December, I reflect once again on how thankful I am for my full and happy life! May your December be truly blessed. 

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